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Equity 305 is a Miami based company that started in 2015 and invests in Real Estate throughout the State of Florida and Georgia. We identify opportunities and buy properties at a discount, rehabilitating them and selling them for profit (Fix & Flip). The focus of the Fund is a segment of the Real Estate market that represents an opportunity for its meager demand and a great offer.

We select areas with moderate-income households, single-family homes between $100,000 and $400,000. We select the properties and the areas prioritizing Margins, Manpower, and High Demand.

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We are a Data-Driven Company, we make decisions based on constant monitoring of Micro & Macro market KPIs.

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Knowledge of Market, we specialize in specific Markets.

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Wholesalers Relations, we've developed good relations with different providers of distressed properties.

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Experienced Management backed by a Board with a financial background and successful ventures.

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